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Thu, Sep 12


Online Seminar

Equitable Billing in Value-Based Care: Technology and Community Initiatives

Dive deep into the evolving landscape of healthcare billing during our September Gwen Lily Learning Series virtual seminar, where industry experts and community leaders converge to discuss key focus areas vital for enhancing billing practices.

Equitable Billing in Value-Based Care: Technology and Community Initiatives
Equitable Billing in Value-Based Care: Technology and Community Initiatives

Time & Location

Sep 12, 2024, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Online Seminar

About the event

Join us for "Equitable Billing in Value-Based Care: Technology and Community Initiatives," an insightful event led by Dr. Claude Louis-Charles dedicated to enhancing billing practices within the healthcare sector. This symposium will explore critical topics such as the impact of value-based care on billing, the importance of accuracy and transparency, and the role of cutting-edge technologies in promoting equitable billing. Attendees will gain valuable insights into minimizing billing errors, leveraging EHR systems and other technologies for improved accuracy, and implementing tools to enhance billing transparency for patients.

Additionally, the event will highlight community-driven initiatives that support billing equity, offering practical examples and opportunities for involvement. By bringing together healthcare providers, payers, and community leaders, this event aims to foster collaboration and drive forward equitable and transparent billing practices, ultimately benefiting patients and the healthcare system as a whole.

🗓️ Date: September 12, 2024 

🕚 Time: 11 AM CST 

📍 Location: Online 

💲 Cost: Free

Key Focus Areas for Discussion:

Understanding Value-Based Care Billing

  1. Overview of value-based care and its impact on billing practices
  2. Differences between traditional and value-based billing

Ensuring Accuracy in Billing

  1. Common billing errors and their implications
  2. Best practices for maintaining accurate billing records

Promoting Transparency in Billing

  1. Importance of clear and transparent billing processes
  2. Tools and techniques to enhance billing transparency for patients

Leveraging Technology for Billing Equity

  1. Technologies that aid in accurate and equitable billing
  2. Case studies of successful implementation of billing technologies

Community-Driven Initiatives

  1. Examples of community initiatives supporting billing accuracy and equity
  2. How to get involved and support these initiatives

Desired Outcomes for the Audience:

  1. Enhanced Understanding: Gain a clear understanding of value-based care billing and how it differs from traditional billing practices
  2. Accuracy Improvement: Learn best practices and strategies to minimize billing errors and enhance accuracy in billing processes.
  3. Transparency Promotion: Understand the importance of transparency in billing and learn tools and techniques to achieve it.
  4. Technology Utilization: Explore how technology can be leveraged to promote billing equity and improve accuracy
  5. Community Engagement: Discover community-driven initiatives that support billing equity and learn how to participate and support these efforts

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