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Organizational Goals

At Gwen Lily Research Foundation, our purpose is to promote the improvement of human health and well-being among individuals of historically marginalized and underserved or disenfranchised communities.

Overarching Goals

Computer Learning

Target Audiences

Our reach extends to historically underserved and underrepresented communities, particularly communities of color, where the ramifications of healthcare disparities are acutely felt. By engaging these communities directly, we address critical issues including:

Mortality Rates

We target higher mortality rates by creating pathways to equitable healthcare resources and interventions that can make a substantial impact on health outcomes.

Research Participation

We work to rectify the low participation of these communities in clinical trials, fostering trust and collaboration that enhance the validity and effectiveness of medical research.

Healthcare System Trust

Our initiatives are designed to rebuild trust in the healthcare system, fostering confidence in medical practices and encouraging engagement with vital health services.

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